Takuya Hiramitsu

Takuya Hiramitsu

Takuya Hiramitsu (平光琢也, Hiramitsu Takuya) is a director who wrote, directed, and produced the musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - La Reconquista. He has also worked with some of the original musicals before they stopped in 2005.

Takuya has also done work in other stage productions such as the "Bleach" rock musical. He has also worked as a sound director in many anime series such as in the first "Hunter x Hunter" anime, the "Prince of Tennis" anime, and the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" series.[1]


Takuya was the director and responsible for the dramatization in the musical, "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S ~ Usagi - The Path to Become the Warrior of Love".

In the rest of the musicals, he was both the director and script writer for the musicals:

Then, as mentioned at the top, he wrote, directed and produced the La Reconquista musical. He will also be responsible for writing and producing the musical "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - ~ Petite Étrangère ~".


  • He was born on January 13, 1955, making him 60 years old at the moment.
  • He was born in Gifu, Japan.
  • His blood type is O.


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