Takurou Ootaku is a character who only appeared in Codename: Sailor V.

Nomenclature & Etymology


Takurou's name is a play on the word "otaku", which is a Japanese term for someone with obsessive interests.


Takurou has long dark hair and wears glasses.


He was a man who was a nerdy gamer, as well as a pervert, who went under the name Taku. He disliked that couples were starting to come into the game center, and also claimed that the worst insult was that girls were going into the game center alone.


After beating his high score on a game, he demanded Minako to remove her clothes and show she was a man in drag. She transformed with her compact to teach him a lesson, but the armor was too heavy. She transformed with her pen into Sailor V, and Takurou decided to look up her skirt, and she used Sailor V Kick.


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