Taioron Crystal
Tairon Kurisutaru

M tioroncrystal

Taioron CrystalSMC3


Pharaoh 90
Hotaru Tomoe

Used for

Communicate with Pharaoh 90
Bringing an end to the world
Help Hotaru regain her strength and health

First Appearance

Act 28 - Infinity 2, Ripples (Crystal)

The "Taioron Crystal" is a large silver crystalline pendant. It is a major asset of the Death Busters, which they use for various tasks.


The Taioron Crystal was shown atop the building, Mugen Academy, enshrouded by a purple aura. Pharaoh 90 had said that it was the very source of all his strength and energy. Upon detecting a mysterious power equal to it, he ordered his loyal servant Kaolinite to go and find it. Later, Professor Tomoe, claiming it was a family heirloom of her late mother, had given his daughter the Taioron Crystal as a necklace in order to help her relieve her repeated seizures and energize her health.

When Hotaru experienced yet another seizure, she weakly told Chibiusa to bring her the amulet she had on her desk. Once holding it, she began to feel less dizzy. She explained to Chibiusa that "amulets" are necklaces that possess mysterious powers and can protect the one who wears it.

This prompted Chibiusa to open her Prism Heart Compact and show her Silver Crystal she kept safe on a thin chain, and intended to utilize its great powers to help Hotaru, who noticed that the pain had gone. However, it seemed that the Taioron Crystal began to lose its power, and Pharaoh 90 demanded that his servants find an alternate source of power equal to it. This was indeed found when Mistress 9 fully emerged within Hotaru's subconscious and stole Chibiusa's Silver Crystal to present to her beloved master.

When Kaorinite was later beaten and destroyed by the four Inner Sailor Guardians,' the Taioron Crystal a piece of the Taioron Crystal she carried shattered. After Mistress 9 swallowed the Silver Crystal, Pharaoh 90 no longer needed the Taioron Crystal, and he crushed it.


  • The Taioron Crystal never appeared in the third season of the 90s anime.
  • The Eternal Edition translates the name as Thyoron Crystal.
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