Sword of Sealing
Fuuin'no ken

Princess Serenity

Used for

Attacking Chaos Galaxia

The Sword of Sealing was the form Chibi Chibi or the Light of Hope took in the final episode of the anime after reviving Sailor Moon. It was a large sword, with a wide blade and two red gems set into the hilt. In the Viz Media English Dub it was renamed as the Sword of Galaxia.

When asked to use the sword to bring peace back to the galaxy, Sailor Galaxia attacked her and Princess Serenity hesistated. She grabbed it and granted her functioning wings to fight.

Galaxia attacked again but Serenity dodged, causing her to fall to the ground. Believing that she was to be sealed with the sword's power, Galaxia became Chaos Galaxia.

When the Light of Hope urged Serenity to use to sword and fight back, she again hesitated, not wanting to hurt Galaxia, but out of defense, stabs her. Galaxia then shatters the sword when striking it with her own, reverting it back to Sailor Chibi Chibi before disappearing.

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