Supreme Thunder Dragon
Shuupurimu Sandaa Doragon


Supreme thunder dragon r;Jn30


Sailor Jupiter



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Thunder and Lightning Antenna

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Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako Falls in Love

Supreme Thunder Dragon is an anime-exclusive attack used by Sailor Jupiter. Using her tiara she gathers electricity and fires it at her opponent. The electricity itself takes on the form of a dragon. The DiC English dub name of this attack was Jupiter Thunder Dragon.


This attack was used for just one episode, the 9th of the season R. In that ocassion, Makoto was angry because An had stepped on the bento she had prepared, an she was subsequentally attacked by a Cardian of hers, Utonberino. Fortunately, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury appeared, and Makoto could transform and fight the monster along the two senshi, but the Cardian was able to snare the three of them with ropes. The Moonlight Knight suddenly appeared and threw a rose to Jupiter, effectively releasing her from the monster's vines. At that moment, she initiated her new move, Supreme Thunder Dragon and although it didn't destroy the Cardian, it was enough to weaken it and give a chance so Sailor Moon could destroy it with Moon Princess Halation.

In the DiC dub, before using this attack she says "In the name of Jupiter! I called upon the forces of love and nature to vanish this mophead!"

Video Games

This attack appeared in:

  • Sailor Moon R (Super Famicom)
  • Sailor Moon: Another Story : Jupiter releases a thunder shaped like a dragon. It hits one enemy at a time and consumes 3 EP.
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