Super Moonies - Sailor Moon's Winter Dream
Super Moonies - Sailor Moons Wintertraum
Super Moonies Wintertraum
Label: Edel Music
Genre(s): Pop
Singer(s): Super Moonies
Number of Tracks: 14
Language(s): German
Release Date: January 4, 1999

"Super Moonies - Sailor Moon's Winter Dream" is an album released by the German band Super Moonies.

Track List

  1. Sailor Moon Never Gives Up
  2. Silver Millennium
  3. A Small Beginning
  4. Big Dreams
  5. The Magic Sword of Pegasus
  6. Tuxedo Mask (In Ice and Snow)
  7. Sailor Mercury
  8. Fight, Sailor Moon (Remix)
  9. The Magic Star
  10. I'm Counting on You
  11. Sailor Moon's Winter Dream
  12. Super Moonies (song)
  13. Come On, Sailor Moon
  14. Reach For The Stars
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