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Storm of Love: Minako's Grand Two-Timing Plan
恋の嵐! 美奈子のフタマタ大作戦
Koi no Arashi! Minako no Futamata Daisakusen

4, Sailor Moon SuperS

Air date

July 8, 1995


Ryota Yamaguchi


Takuya Igarashi


Gittanko and Battanko


Love Those Minis! The Fashionable Soldiers


Mansion of Secrets! The Menu of Love to You


“Double Trouble”

Air date

October 13, 2000


Gittanko and Battanko


Clothes Call


Recipe for Danger

Storm of Love: Minako's Grand Two-Timing Plan is the 14th episode of the fourth season of the Sailor Moon anime, and is the 141st episode overall. The episode fist aired in Japan on July 8, 1995. The English dub title for this episode is Double Trouble, and the episode first aired in North America on October 13, 2000.


Minako begins dating two different guys at the same time, unaware that they are actually Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye, targeting her for her Dream Mirror.



Changes From the Manga

Dub Changes

First Appearances




  • In the anime, this is the only time where Hawk's Eye goes after a young woman, he usually prefer
older women.
  • A reference to this episode is made in episode 144. When Tiger's Eye offers to take Ami to a private beach, Minako comes in, exclaiming that she would like to. Tiger's Eye thinks "Why is the two-timin
girl here?".
  • Minako and Mr. Takano (Hawk's Eye) went to see the movie "Gazula" in this episode. In that movie, the title monster looked like Gamera and roared like Godzilla, both of which are from famous monster movies in Japan. The Cloverway dub changes it to a trailer for a movie starring Anthony Hoppings, a play on A

thony Hopkins

  • This was the only episode in which two of the enemies attacked a target for their Dream Mirror at

he same time.

  • This was the first episode that used I'll Go As "Myself" as the ending theme, replacing [[Wanting to Be Togeth

r with You]].

ence is used.

  • It also marks the final time that [[Venus Star Power, Make

p]] was used.

  • Marks the first time, Minako is the only victim who can break free from both Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye capture form as well as her exposed Dream Mirror after overhearing both of the
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