Star Serious Laser

Sutā Shiriasu Reizā


Sailor Star Fighter

Items Used

None (anime and manga)
Sailor Star Yell (sometimes in the anime)

First Appearance

Act 51 Stars 2 (manga)
A Goodbye and an Encounter! The Destiny of Flowing Stars (anime)

Star Serious Laser was an attack used by Sailor Star Fighter in all versions of the Sailor Moon series in which she appeared.


This attack was first used in Act 51 of the manga, where it was used in conjunction with Sailor Star Maker's Star Gentle Uterus attack in order to destroy Sailor Aluminum Seiren.


thumb|300px|left|Sailor Star Fighter attacks Sailor Buri with Star Serious Laser In the anime, it was first used in episode 173 against Sailor Buri. Sailor Star Fighter never used this attack to its full limit, because it could kill the Phage. She only weakened them instead, so that Eternal Sailor Moon could later heal them.

There were three different versions of this sequence seen in the anime. In the first one, a ring of stars encircled Sailor Star Fighter, then she lifted her right hand, pointing her index finger upwards. The ring of stars then shot upwards, coalescing into a ball of light around her hand, and then fired the blast of energy towards the enemy. A modified version first appeared in episode 180. This version was identical to first, exceplt that Sailor Star Fighter had the Sailor Star Yell in her hand. A third, more elaborate attack sequence first appeared in episode 188. The Sailor Star Yell appeared in front of Fighter's chest, then she swung it aroun and lifted it above her head. After the Yell powered up, it fired blasts of energy toward the enemy.

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