Star Sensitive Inferno
Sutaa Senshitibu Inferuno


Star Sensitive Inferno



Sailor Star Healer

Items Used

None (anime and manga)
Sailor Star Yell (sometimes in the anime)

First Appearance

Act 50 - Stars 1 (manga)
Becoming an Idol: Minako’s Ambition (anime)

"Star Sensitive Inferno" is an attack used by Sailor Star Healer in all versions of the Sailor Moon series in which she appeared.


Star Sensitive Inferno first appeared in episode 175 of the anime, where it was used against Sailor Gekisha. This attack could kill, but Sailor Star Healer rarely used it at full power, and instead chose to use it to weaken any Phage so that Eternal Sailor Moon could later heal them.

There were two versions of this attack shown in the anime. In the first, a star made of light materialized in the palm of her right hand, then she lifted both arms in the air and held them in front of her, releasing an electrical discharge. The second, more elaborate version which used the Sailor Star Yell first appeared in episode 186. In this version, she summoned a single large ball of lightning and hurled it at her opponent.

Star Sensitive Inferno ver 1

Star Sensitive Inferno ver 1

Star Sensitive Inferno version 2

Star Sensitive Inferno version 2


This attack was first used in Act 43 of the manga to destroy Sailor Iron Mouse.


This attack was first used in conjunction with Sailor Star Fighter's Star Serious Laser to destroy Sailor Phi, Sailor Chi, and Sailor Theta in the musical Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.

Video Games

This attack also appeared in the video game Sailor Stars Fuwa Fuwa Panic 2!

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