The "Star Power Sticks" were the 2nd magical transformation items the Inner Sailor Guardians used. They were given to them by Luna along with new communicators.

Manga and Crystal

In the manga, the Inner Sailor Guardians were given the Star Power Sticks after they destroyed their own transformation pens to help Sailor Moon defeat Metalia. After the Sailor Guardians received power upgrades from Neo Queen Serenity, they no longer used the sticks to transform. In Sailor Moon Crystal: Season 3, the girls use the Star Power Sticks to transform, but in the manga, they didn't use anything as they called upon planet power to transform them.


These were used in the Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon S seasons of the anime, replacing the pens. In the fourth season of the anime, they were replaced by the Crystal Change Rods that were granted to each Sailor Guardians by the great powers of Pegasus himself. They are used in the R movie to fight against the evil Xenian Blossom and her extraterrestrial servant and minion Fiore, as well as in the the S movie to fight Princess Snow Kaguya and her snow dancers.


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