Star Gentle Uterus


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Japanese: スター・ジェントル・ユーテラス
Romanji: Sutaa Jentoru Yuuterasu
Type: Energy-based
Items Used: None (anime, manga and musicals)
Sailor Star Yell (sometimes in the anime)
User(s): Sailor Star Maker
First Appearance
Manga: Act 51 Stars 2
Sera Myu: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Star Gentle Uterus is an energy-based attack that was used by Sailor Star Maker in all versions of the Sailor Moon series in which she appeared.


In the anime, this attack first appeared in episode 174 where it was used against Sailor Guts. In this attack, she fired energy blasts which took the form of multiple balls of light. This attack could kill, but Sailor Star Maker never used this attack at its full power in the anime. She instead used it to merely weaken a Phage so that Eternal Sailor Moon could later cure it.

There were three versions of this attack sequence shown in the anime:

Version 1: A single star appeared in front of Sailor Star Maker's chest, and she lifted it above her head. She then spun around and took a sideways stance, sending round blasts of light from her hand.

Version 2: This first appeared in episode 179. The single star was replaced with the Sailor Star Yell.

Version 3: This more elaborate attack sequence appeared in episode 189. In this version, the Sailor Star Yell appeared in front of Sailor Star Maker's chest. She then held it between her hands and lifted it above her head, spun around until her back was to her target, then turned her upper body halfway and pointed the Sailor Star Yell at the target. The Sailor Star Yell then powered up and fired round blasts of blue energy.


This attack was first used in Act 44 of the manga, where it was used in conjunction with Sailor Star Fighter's Star Serious Laser attack in order to destroy Sailor Aluminum Siren.


This attack was first used in order to destroy Sailor Buttress in the musical Pretty Solider Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.

Video Games

This attack also appeared in the video game Sailor Stars Fuwa Fuwa Panic 2!

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