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The Spirit of the Sailor Guardians is a mystical item that appeared in the live-action series. It looks very similar to the Sword of the Silver Crystal in the manga and in Crystal. It appeared in the Special Act of the series.


When a new dark power has awakened, Usagi and Mamoru has been captured by the (fake) Shitennou and brought to it’s new Queen, Mio, Luna asked help from Queen Serenity. She told Luna and Makoto that Usagi’s feelings are confused though she must solve that challenge herself but right now, the Sailor Guardians must do their best. Makoto says that they can’t because they aren’t able to transform. The Queen says that she can fix that and tells them that she well send a powerful and legendary sword that resides in the Moon Palace. It is a sword called the Spirit of the Sailor Guardians. It is extremely powerful which will surely give all the Senshi their powers back, as long as their hearts are one.

Makoto and Luna then drive off to the mountains and finds the sword stuck on a small pillar surrounded by other taller pillars. Makoto tries to pull it out but is unable to, then Luna helps and they try pulling it out together but the sword glows and pushes them back. Pierrots, Evil Clowns who work for Mio, then appears and attacks them. However, they get sprayed with a fire extinguisher. After the mist disappears, reveals a Pierrot holding a fire extinguisher who is actually Ami in disguise. The Pierrot stand up and right as they do so, a bike rider appears and spins around with it’s bike, thus killing the Pierrot. As the rider stops and removes its helmet, it is revealed to be Minako and Artemis.

They all walk back up to the legendary sword and Makoto, Minako, and Ami place their hands on the sword’s handle ready to lift it up. As they do so, Rei wakes up in her hospital bed and sees a vision the three lifting up the sword and also places her hand on the sword and they manage to pull it up. Mako, Minako, and Ami then raise up the sword and a golden-yellow lightning crashes on the sword and makes their bodies glow.

Usagi was about to be attacked by Mio who turned into a monster with her claw, when suddenly it got chopped off. The camera reveals Minako had done it along with Mako and Ami. Minako raises the sword and a flash of bright golden-yellow light gives them back their accessories to transform. After that, it wasn’t seen again.


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