Spiral Heart Moon Rod

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Japanese: スパイラルハートムーンロッド
Romanji: Supairaru Haato Muun Roddo
User(s): Sailor Moon
Super Sailor Moon (via the Holy Grail)
Neo-Queen Serenity (manga/Crystal only)
Used For: Purifying monster-turned humans
Attacks: Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Rainbow Moon Heartache (as Super Sailor Moon)
First Appearance
Manga: Act 26 Replay - Never Ending
Anime: The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi's New Transformation
Crystal: Act 26 Replay - Never Ending

The "Spiral Heart Moon Rod" is the 3rd mystical weapon Sailor Moon uses in her 3rd Sailor form in the Infinity arc and the 3rd season of the anime; including in Sailor Moon S: The Movie.


In the anime, it was a weapon born from the love of Usagi and Mamoru, while in the manga, Neo-Queen Serenity gave it to Sailor Moon herself, along with her new brooch. The item was used to perform Moon Spiral Heart Attack and Rainbow Moon Heartache. In the SuperS season, it was upgraded to the Moon Kaleido Scope by Pegasus.

Sailor Moon S: The Movie

in the second movie of the anime, Sailor Moon used the Spiral Heart Moon Rod twice; the first was to destroy the Snow Dancers that froze the city and its people. The second and final attempt was when she evoked into Super Sailor Moon and used Rainbow Moon Heartache against Kaguya, the Snow Queen, which failed to defeat her.

Crystal and Manga

Chibiusa gives this new scepter to Usagi, which is a gift from Neo-Queen Serenity, in gratitude for saving Crystal Tokyo.



  • In some of the musicals, the Silver Crystal was inside the Spiral Heart Moon Rod.
  • The Spiral Heart Moon Rod is the only magic item that unleashes two attacks.
  • The royal magic wand (when wielded by Queen Butterfly) in Star vs. the Forces of Evil resembles this rod.
  • It was called the Legendary Spiral Heart Moon Scepter in the CWI dub and the Heart Moon Scepter in the Mixx manga.
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