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Space Sword Blaster (スペース・ソード・ブラスター Supēsu Sōdo Burasutā) was an attack Sailor Uranus used while wielding her Space Sword.


Space Sword Blaster first appeared in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie where it was used against Orangeat and Poupelin. To perform the attack, Uranus' Space Sword blade would glow and when she swung it, it would release a wave of energy that would destroy the target. It was demonstrated that this attack could hit multiple enemies at once in episode 168.[1]


Space Sword Blaster was first used in the manga in Act 31 of the original version to force her way into Mugen Gakuen and Act 27 of the reprint version to destroy Viluy. When she performed this attack, the blade would simply grow larger and glow, and Sailor Uranus would then use the sword to physically attack her enemy.


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