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Space Sword

Space Sword Blaster was an attack Sailor Uranus used while wielding her Space Sword.

Original Anime

Space Sword Blaster first appeared in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie where it was used against Orangeat and Poupelin. To perform the attack, Uranus' Space Sword blade would glow and when she swung it, it would release a wave of energy that would destroy the target. It was demonstrated that this attack could hit multiple enemies at once, as seen in episode 169.


Space Sword Blaster involves Sailor Uranus raising the sword in the air, creating a single orange orb with a ring around it; when she lowers the sword, the one orb turns into many, taking on a crescent shape and hitting many targets.


Space Sword Blaster was first used in the manga in Act 31 of the original version to force her way into Mugen Gakuen and Act 27 of the reprint version to destroy Viluy. When she performed this attack, the blade would grow longer and glow with energy, and Sailor Uranus would then use the sword to attack her enemy at close range. However, when she broke into Mugen Gakuen, she "threw" the energy concentrated on the blade against the vines blocking the entrance.

Video Games

Sailor Uranus used this move in Sailor Moon SuperS: Zenin Sanka!! Shuyaku SoudatsusenSailor Uranus made a slash in the air with the sword and sent a wave of energy at the target.

This is one of her two attacks in Sailor Moon: Another Story (the other being World Shaking). She swings her sword, releasing a flash of energy that damages the target. It hits one enemy at a time and consumes 4 EP.


Sailor Uranus performing Space Sword Blaster in the SuperS movie


The Space Sword is actually based on one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan, the Kusanagi. Interestingly enough, this real life sword was said to have the power to control the wind which so happens to be Sailor Uranus' ruling element and suggests that those energy blasts that fire out of the sword during the attack could in fact be some kind of wind energy attack. 


Space Sword Blaster - Crystal

Space Sword Blaster - Crystal

Space Sword Blaster - 90’s Sailor Stars version-0

Space Sword Blaster - 90’s Sailor Stars version-0

Space Sword Blaster - SuperS Movie version-0

Space Sword Blaster - SuperS Movie version-0