Space-time Key

Jikū no kagi

Key of Space-Time Manga

Chibiusa's key!

Space-time KeySMC2


Chibiusa Tsukino

Used for

Accessing the Space-Time Door
Traveling through various timelines
Calling on Sailor Pluto herself (manga/Crystal)

The Space-Time Key was a magical item from the Sailor Soldier of Space-Time, Sailor Pluto , that was carried and used by Chibiusa Tsukino after the latter had taken one from Sailor Pluto's chain in order to travel back in time. The key allowed Chibiusa to travel through various timelines, and call on Sailor Pluto as well.


時の衛人よ! 時空の扉, 天空を裂き, 我に開け放て! 我は汝の真の名を呼ぶ全能なる時の神, 衛人の父, クロノスよ! 我を導きたまえ! 我を守りたまえ! 光の道を我に!

Toki no moribito yo! Jikū no tobira, tenkū o saki, ware ni akehanate! Ware wa nanji no shin no na o yobu zennō naru toki no kami, moribito no chichi, Kuronosu yo! Ware o michibiki tamae! Ware mamori tamae! Hikari no michi o ware ni!

Guardian of time! Tear apart the sky and open the Door of Space-time to me! I call your true name, the almighty god of time, the guardian of time's father, Chronos! Guidance to me! Protection to me! The path of light to me!



  • In the Dream arc of the manga, the Space-Time Key was once blocked by PallaPalla's seal around the Dead Moon Circus.
  • In both the manga and Crystal, four space-time keys are worn on a silver chain around the waist of Sailor Pluto's black miniskirt.
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