""Stop, Luna! Do not go through that door!""
— Queen Serenity in "Invasion: Sailor Venus."

Space-Time Door

Endless space and time




Sailor Pluto (guardian)

First Appearance
  • Invasion: Sailor Venus (flashback)
  • Time Wrap: Sailor Pluto
The Space-Time Door is the gateway to an extraterrestrial Dimension outside of Space-Time, this door was guarded by Sailor Pluto and for a short time, Diana. It could be accessed from the Moon Palace or Crystal Palace depending on the era or by using a Key of Space-Time obtained or robbed from Sailor Pluto. This was the depiction in the manga series.

The door was decorated with the phases of the moon in the anime. It first appeared in episode 82 when Sailor Pluto opened the Door to allow Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, the Inner Sailor Guardians and Chibiusa to pass through.


It was shown only in the second saga of the second season when Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the four Inner Guardians came with Chibiusa to reach the thirtieth century. Sailor Pluto suddenly appeared in front of the Door, intending to strike any trespassers with her Garnet Rod. After understanding their mission, she opened the Space-Time Door in order for them to go to the future, Crystal Tokyo.

Sailor Moon Crystal

Just like the manga, the Space-Time Door was a similar role between space and time itself.

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