Souichi Tomoe
Tomoe Sōichi
Japanese: 土萠創一
Romanji: Tomoe Sōichi
Aliases: Germatoid
Residency: Tokyo

Owner of Infinity Academy, scientist, leader of the Death Busters


Hotaru Tomoe (daughter)
Keiko Tomoe (wife, deceased)


Kaorinite, Mistress 9, Pharaoh 90


Death Busters

Gender: Male
Species: Human (before corruption)
Human-Daimon hybrid
First Appearance
Manga: Act 28 - Infinity 2, Ripples
Anime: Usagi and the Girls' Resolve! Prelude to a New Battle (cameo)
Premonition of World's End? Mysterious New Warriors
Anime Voiced By: Akira Kamiya (Japanese)
Jeff Lumby (CWi English dub)
Keith Silverstein (Viz Media English dub)

Professor Souichi Tomoe is the leader of the Death Busters, the founder and owner of Mugen Academy, a famous scientist, the father of Hotaru Tomoe and the husband of Keiko Tomoe. He becomes a Daimon in his last chapter, called Germatoid. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.


Souichi Tomoe has white hair and wears a white shirt with a tie, khakis and business shoes. He wears a lab coat and wears glasses with the right lens displaying an eye, possibly to conceal an injury.

As Germatoid, all his human features are gone, replaced by a monstrous figure, with spikes poking out from his body. He has sharp claws, and the Death Busters symbol displayed on his forehead.



In the manga, Tomoe was a scientist until, as Kenji Tsukino recalled, he was thrown out of the scientific community for dodgy experiments. After selling some of these findings, he purchased the area where he built his labs and Infinity Academy. He continued with his research but a lightning strike caused a fire there, which killed his wife Keiko and left his daughter Hotaru badly injured.

Tomoe saved his daughter using what appeared to be a mix of cybernetic and genetic technology. He also implanted a Daimon Egg in her at this time, the eggs having arrived with Pharaoh 90 during the lightning strike. They infected his assistant, Kaorinite, as well as himself.

After this he focused on the creation of his "Super Beings,"using a variety of scientific techniques including genetic, pharmacological, and cybernetic processes. Human bodies were used as vessels, but he also made several Daimons from the Eggs alone: the Witches 5. He experimented on himself as well, creating a fusion of human and alien.

When Super Sailor Moon arrived at his lab with the Outer Senshi, Daimons attacked and Tomoe changed into a creature called Germatoid. Sailor Moon killed him with Rainbow Moon Heartache, and Hotaru was briefly seen saying goodbye to her father, whom she realized had disappeared a long time ago, after her mother's death.


In the third season, Professor Tomoe, under the possession of Germatoid, was the leader of the Death Busters and the father of the girl who housed the Messiah of Silence; Hotaru Tomoe. He was mostly seen as a shadowed silhouette as only his glasses was visible. After Mistress 9 awoke, and the Outer senshi arrived to Mugen Academy to stop her, they were confronted by Germatoid, who removed himself from Tomoe to possess creations to fight the Senshi. Tomoe arrived to try and beg for Hotaru to break free from Mistress 9, but Mistress 9 held control and began to strangle him with her hair, until Hotaru fought for control causing Mistress 9 to release him. She said she needed the Holy Grail, which Sailor Moon was willing to provide, and Tomoe delivered it to her, only too late to discover Mistress 9 was pretending to be Hotaru to use the Grail to summon Pharaoh 90. Mistress 9 was injured by a random blast sent by Pharaoh 90 and Tomoe gathered her into his arms for comfort as Hotaru took control, and it was the love she had for her father and friends that allowed her to destroy Mistress 9. Tomoe was injured as the landscape was being destoyed by Pharaoh 90. After Pharaoh 90 was destroyed and Hotaru reborn as a child, Haruka and Michiru returned the baby girl to her father, at the hospital where he was recovering from his injuries.

In the fifth season and final season of the original anime series, Professor Tomoe is only seen once in episode 167, where he is shown living somewhere away from the city, peacefully with his infant daughter. Then Setsuna comes to retrieve Hotaru, and he is never seen again.


Several years ago, Souichi Tomoe was a very knowledgeable and brilliant scientist in bio-engineering and astrophysics. He believed that alien life-forms existed and that merging them with human beings would create an entirely new kind of being: a super life-form. When a fire broke out, he had managed to save his six-year-old daughter and then experimented on her by infusing her physical body with machinery to ensure her well-being. He was approached by Pharaoh 90 himself who had him declare his undying allegiance and devotion to the cosmic entity in return for great power and knowledge far beyond humanity's. Although hesitant, he willingly devoured the Daimon egg of Germatoid and thus become completely possessed by his evil.

He had scolded his daughter for being rude to his trusted assistant, Kaorinite, but soon let it slide as he had spoiled her since her mother had died. At his house, he was introduced to Chibiusa who he greeted warmly before disappearing to his laboratories to continue his experiments.

His true intentions are revealed when he first encountered "the alien" during one of his experiments. He then pledged his loyalty and devotion to this universal entity and was transformed into an entirely different man. He then used his scientific genius to effectively create "perfect bodies" which were fusion of human and machine by genetic manipulation; and such had artificially created the other four members of Witches 5 in his lab.

Believing himself a god, he turned his hordes of Daimon on Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor UranusSuper Sailor Neptune and Super Sailor Pluto, who fought back. As he was Hotaru's father, Super Sailor Moon was quite reluctant to either attack or kill him. It was then that he become one with Germatoid, and became tens of times much stronger and attacked ferociously. According to Super Sailor Uranus, he was incapable of returning to human form. Sailor Moon killed him with Rainbow Moon Heartache, and Hotaru was briefly seen saying goodbye to her father, whom she realized had disappeared a long time ago, after her mother's death.

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