Snow Dancer
Japanese: スノーダンサー
Romanji: Sunou Dansaa

Princess Snow Kaguya

Species: Snow humanoid
Master: Princess Snow Kaguya
Death: Killed by multiple Sailor Guardian attacks
First Appearance
Manga: The Lover of Princess Kaguya
Anime: Sailor Moon S: The Movie
Anime Voiced By: Mariko Onodera and Yuko Nagashima (Japanese)

The Snow Dancers are the minions of Princess Snow Kaguya in the Sailor Moon S movie and the manga short story, The Lover of Princess Kaguya.


Snow dancers are slim humanoids with bodies made out of ice. Their hair reaches to their nose at the front and they have clear blue eyes. They have short flowing hair and a semi-transparent skirts that go down to their ankles. Their hands have small balls on the ends of their fingers, and their heeled shoes have these same balls on their toes.


They were created when the Princess blew a strong wind from her mouth. They are made out of ice, and are very versatile. They have the ability to fly, and can even attack after their bodies have been mutilated.

They can also freeze people into blocks of ice, and create duplicate illusions in order to confuse opponents. Because they are made of ice, they shatter easily. They are individually fragile, but can be extremely powerful as a large group. They are all exactly the same, with no individual personalities or character traits.

They are sent to Earth by Princess Snow Kaguya to freeze the residents of the planet and to cause snow and ice to form over any ground that they fly over. They are defeated along with their Princess with the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal.



  • The Snow Dancers appear as enemies in Sailor Moon: Another Story along with Snow Princess Kaguya.
  • In one of the side notes of The Lover of Princess Kaguya short story, Naoko Takeuchi stated that she named the Snow Dancers after a sculpture of the same name that she once purchased.
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