Japanese: セイレン
Romanji: Seireen

Makai Tree

Species: Cardian
Master: Ail and An
Objective: To collect energy for the Makai Tree
Death: Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation
First Appearance
Anime: The School Festival Is for Me?! Queen Rei’s Song
Anime Voiced By: Megumi Ogata (Japanese)
Alison Sealy-Smith (DiC English dub)

Not to be confused with the Sailor Animamate, Sailor Aluminum Siren.

Siren is the 8th Cardian to be introduced. Ail and An send her to gather energy for the Makai Tree.

Nomenclature and Etymology

Her name is a direct reference to the Siren of Greek mythology.


She resembles a pink-haired mermaid.


Ail and An summoned Siren at T-A Girls' Academy's cultural festival after raising the audience's energy level when Sakurako Ougi convinced them to dress up as aliens for the fashion show. Siren made everyone fall asleep with her powder, except for the Sailor Guardians, who escape the attack. Siren used her hair to drain Rei's energy but the others transformed and stopped her. Seiren began draining their energy but Rei transforms into Sailor Mars and stopped her attack with Fire Soul, however, this was not enough to destroy her. Just then, Moonlight Knight appeared and stopped Siren's attack. When she swung her tail and knocked over the music that Rei worked so hard on, Sailor Mars became enraged and used a new technique, Fire Soul Bird, to damage Siren and restore the other Sailor Senshi's energy. Sailor Moon then destroyed Siren with her Cutie Moon Rod.


She was a mermaid with pink hair that could extend and constrict enemies to drain their energy. She could also shoot blasts of water from her mouth, fly, and use a pollen powder that can put anyone who touches it to sleep.



  • Siren could only repeat her name in the original Japanese anime, but in the DiC English dub, she is capable of speech.
    • In the DiC English dub, she is known as Amphibia.
Makai Tree
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