Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss
M silvermooncrystalpowertherapy
Japanese: シルバー・ムーン・クリスタル・パワー・セラピー・キッス
Romanji: Shirubaa Muun Kurisutaru Pawaa Serapii Kissu
Type: Moonlight-based
Items Used: Eternal Tiare
Upgraded Attack: Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss (anime)
Silver Moon Crystal Power (anime, Episode 199)
First Appearance
Manga: Act 58 Stars 9
Sera Myu: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - ~ Le Mouvement Final ~

"Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss" is a moonlight-based attack performed by Eternal Sailor Moon. It was used in the Manga and in the Sera Myu Musical, Le Mouvement Final.

Manga and Musicals

The attack was first used by Sailor Moon to destroy the Sailor Guardians who were under the control of Sailor Galaxia's bracelets. This also happens in the musical only she also destroys Tuxedo Mask who was under the control of Sailor Galaxia's Bracelets. She also used this attack a second time to fight Sailor Galaxia herself.


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Eternal Sailor Moon did not use this attack in the 5th season, but it did have a counterpart known as Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, which was an upgraded version of Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. Both attacks were used to heal a human who had become a phage after its Star Seed was extracted using Galaxia's Bracelets by the Sailor Animamates. Like its manga counter part, it proved effective when used against Sailor Tin Nyanko who's control under Galaxia was partially broken.

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