"Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss" is a moonlight/healing-based attack. It first appeared in episode 187 when Chibi Chibi had grabbed the Eternal Tiare, further increasing its healing abilities on an even higher power-level.


To perform this much stronger moon-related attack, Eternal Sailor Moon summoned the Holy Moon Chalice and attached it to the end of the Eternal Tiare, creating the Moon Power Tiare, and greatly strengthening its abilities. Once it was created, Eternal Sailor Moon would call out the attack's name and once she reached the final word of the attack, she would hold up the Tiare, which would send golden beams of light towards her target.

This attack was mainly used to heal Phages back to their human form at a far more powerful level than its another version. However, Episode 194 showed its more offensive ability as well, as it destroyed one of Sailor Tin Nyanko's Galactica Bracelets.

The attack made its final appearance in the following episode, where it was used on Sailor Galaxia by Eternal Sailor Moon calling out Silver Moon Crystal Power. Unfortunately, the attack proved to have little to no effect on her.


Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss


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