Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up
Shirubaa Muun Kurisutaru Pawaa Meiku Appu
Silver Moon Crystal Power JPN
Transformation phrase for...

Eternal Sailor Moon

Items used

Holy Moon Chalice

First Appearance

Act 50 Stars 1

Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up is the command that Usagi Tsukino uses, along with the Holy Moon Chalice, to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon in the manga.


  • In the re-release manga, both Japanese and English releases, Usagi calls out "Moon Eternal, Make Up" in Act 50, but the rest of the time, she calls out "Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!"
  • In the song "Ai wo Shinjiteru," which was written by Naoko Takeuchi, Usagi called out "Silver Moon Crystal Power" several times, which was possibly a reference to this phrase.
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