Silence Wall
Fudō Jōheki
Sairensu U~ōru

Silence Wall

Saturn silent wall


Super Sailor Saturn



Items Used

Silence Glaive

First Appearance

Act 45 - Dream 7, Mirror Dream (manga)
Moon Love Power! The End of the Nightmare (anime)

Silence Wall is one of Super Sailor Saturn's most frequent attacks using her Silence Glaive. It protected her and others against her enemies and acted as an incredibly strong energy shield for her.


Saturn's only use in the manga of this skill is in Act 45 to defend herself and Chibi-Moon against an attack of the Amazoness Quartet.

By slamming the long side of the staff of the Silence Glaive in direction of whatever attacks her, Super Sailor Saturn creates a powerful wall-shaped shield in an instant that has yet to be overcome. It may be held in place by the blade of the glaive, and Saturn has demonstrated the ability to let the energy used to create Silence Wall seamlessly flow into its attack counterpart, Silence Glaive Surprise.


To prevent Queen Nehellenia's dark energy from strengthening the mirror curse within Mamoru's eye, Super Sailor Saturn created a large dome-shaped force-field around herself and Super Sailor Chibi Moon.

In Episode 196, she used it to defend Eternal Sailor Moon and the Super Sailor Guardians from Galaxia's evil energy bursts. In Episode 197, she again used it to save Super Sailor Uranus and Super Sailor Neptune from being killed by Sailor Galaxia.

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