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Shingo Tsukino was Usagi Tsukino's younger brother. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character. His name was Sammy in the first English dub.


He enjoys video games and playing pranks on Usagi. Shingo was created as an annoying younger sibling of the main character. Whenever he had the chance, he would annoy his older sister. He respects Sailor Moon and Sailor V immensely, but of course does not know their true identities. In the beginning, he is very afraid of cats, as he was bitten by one when he was younger, and he cannot stand Luna[1]. Sailor Moon appeared to him and asked him to watch over Luna, which seemed to ease his fear. Shingo attends school with Chibiusa at Juuban Municipal Primary School, where he makes good grades. For a time, Shingo had a crush on Ami, as he felt that she treated him with more respect than the other girls.


Sailor Moon

Shingo makes a brief appearance in the first episode. After Ikuko kicked Usagi out of the house due to a test she failed, Shingo teased Usagi for being so dumb. Angered, Usagi tried to mimic the Sailor V Kick on him, but ended up kicking the door and seriously hurting herself.

After Usagi became Sailor Moon, her guardian cat Luna joined her family. Shingo was scared of cats at the time, because a cat bite his nose when he was younger, and he heavily disapproved of having Luna in the house. He visited a pet store and bought himself a rabbit like pet called a Chanela. However, the pet store was run by Jadeite, who infested the Chanelas sold at the store with dark energy. The Chanela would turn any owner evil, Shingo included. Sailor Moon thwarted Jadeite's plan when destroying his yuoma, restoring everything back to normal. Shingo's fear of cats was also eased when Sailor Moon asked him to watch over Luna.


Shingo sticking out his tongue.
Shingo obsessed with his Chanela


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