Shaman Apsu is the main antagonist in the game Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story. She is named for the primal being of the Babylonian creation myth.

Apsu seeks to rewrite history by erasing the Sailor Moon legend from time forever, allowing her to rule reality. She recruits the Oppositio Senshi to her cause, and disrupts history enough to revive several enemies that the Sailor Guardians had defeated in the past.



Deity of Destruction

The Deity of Destruction is the final boss of the game. When Sin appears before Apsu and offers her body, Apsu merges with her to form an entity called the Deity of Destruction. In this form, she hopes to finish off Sailor Moon once and for all. In the end, with the Deity of Destruction slain by the Senshi, and though Sin manages to survive, Apsu perishes.


  • Fin de Siècle - The Deity of Destruction's most powerful attack.
  • Black Sun - Apsu's signature attack.
  • Hell's Attack - Sin's signature attack.
  • Sonic Wave - A sleep-based attack.
  • Toxic Mist - A numb-based attack.


Her name comes from Abzu, a deity found in the Babylonian creation myth, as well as a river named after the god.


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