Japanese: シャコウカイ
Romanji: Shakoukai
Aliases: Polite Society (DiC English dub)

Dark Kingdom

Species: Youma
Master: Kunzite
Objective: To find Sailor Moon and attack her
Death: Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation
First Appearance
Anime: Let's Become a Princess: Usagi's Bizarre Training
Anime Voiced By: Youko Kawanami (Japanese)
Kristin Bishop (DiC English dub)
Erin Fitzgerald (Viz Media English dub)

Shakoukai is the 2nd Youma that was created by Kunzite to find out who Sailor Moon was.

Nomenclature and Etymology

Shakoukai means "social circle" (社交界).


She had the appearance of a purple-skinned woman covered and clothed in yellow seashells


Kunzite transformed Countess Rose, an English aristocrat who ran the Princess Seminar, into Shakoukai. She planned to determine who Sailor Moon was by seeing that a girl was clumsy at everything else except frisbee, relating to Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action attack. During the last class, all of the girls' passed, except Usagi, Rei, and Minako, who failed at being able to ballroom dance. She greeted the girls who did pass, including Makoto and Ami, and encased them in wax. Shakoukai then emerges from the other room, declaring that Usagi, Rei, or Minako must be Sailor Moon.

The girls can avoid being encased in wax and transform, but their attacks prove to be useless against the Youma. But, when Tuxedo Mask and Kunzite show up and begin directing differing orders to Shakoukai, she becomes confused about who to listen to. Sailor Moon takes advantage of the situation and defeats Shakoukai, reversing the effects of the Youma's powers and transforming her back into Countess Rose.


Shakoukai could encase people in green wax, turning them into wax figures by spraying wax at them.



  • Shakoukai is among the Youma that appear in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story.
  • Her name means "social circle."

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