Shadow of Evil: The Trio's Last Chance
Kyoaku no kage! Oitsume rareta torio
Airing Information
Episode: EP 148, Season 4
Air Date (JP): September 23, 1995
Written by: Yoji Enokido
Directed by: Kounosuke Uda
Featured Monster: Tobihaneru
North American Dub
Air Date (US): October 24, 2000
CWi Title: A True Reflection
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"Shadow of Evil: The Trio's Last Chance" is the 21st episode of the fourth season of the anime and the 148th episode overall. It aired in Japan on September 23, 1995. The CWi English dub title is "A True Reflection" and it aired in North America on October 24, 2000.


Zirconia warns the Amazon Trio that if they do not succeed in finding Pegasus and the Golden Crystal soon, the magic that had transformed them into human-like beings will expire and turn them back into their true original forms when the next full moon rises.

In the meantime, Fish Eye targets and falls for Mamoru; finally understanding the true value and importance of lovely dreams. Overcoming her jealousy and resentment, Usagi later befriends Fish-Eye's disguise and takes her home.


International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Uma sombra maligna ameaça o Trio Amazonas ("An Evil Shadow Threatens the Amazon Trio")
  • European Portuguese: A sombra do mal ("The Shadow of Evil")
  • European Spanish: Sombra de maldad ("Shadow of Evil")
  • French: Une Ombre Au Tableau ("A Shadow On The Board")
  • German: Mamoru in Gefahr ("Mamoru in Danger")
  • Hungarian: A gonosz árnyéka ("Shadow of Evil")
  • Latin Spanish: Una sombra maligna amenaza al trio Amazonas ("An Evil Shadow Threatens the Amazon Trio")
  • Polish: Groźna rywalka ("A Dangerous Rival")


Changes From the Manga

  • Zirconia never threatens the Amazon Trio by turning them back into animals.
  • The Amazoness Quartet appeared before the Amazon Trio and were the ones commanding them.

First Appearances



  • For the last time, Minako wears her primary casual outfit until the near end of the anime.
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