Shabon Spray

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Japanese: シャボン・スプレー
Romanji: Shabon Supuree
Type: Bubble/fog-based
Upgraded Attack: Shabon Spray Freezing
Shine Aqua Illusion
First Appearance

"Shabon Spray" is a bubble/fog-based attack used by Sailor Mercury. It was primarily a defensive attack, involving the formation of fog, which reduced overall visibility in the area. It also lowered the temperature of the area by a few degrees.

In Episode 45, Sailor Mercury used Shabon Spray to provide limited protection for herself against intense heat and flames. Shabon Spray was also one of the attacks used by Sailor Mercury in the video games Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon: Another Story. In Another Story, it decreased the attack power of the targeted enemy, causing them to do less damage to the party. To do the attack in the anime, video games, Mercury gathers water in her cupped hands, twirls around with it, and then releases it this makes a fog appear, while in the video games, bubbles fly at the enemy.


Shabon Spray (High Quality)


  • This attack,Shabon Spray Freezing, Akuryo Taisan, and Moony Moony Love Me Moon Chain are the only attacks in the Japanese dub not completely said in English.
  • It was her primary attack used in the first season of the original anime. It eventually became much stronger and more effective with Shabon Spray Freeze (Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze) and Shine Aqua Illusion.
  • In most episodes, an animation mistake can often be seen where in one frame, Sailor Mercury's left glove turns skin color briefly before returning to its normal white color. In the Sailor Moon S movie, when Sailor Mercury used this attack to stop one of Princess Kaguya's Snow Dancers, this animation mistake was corrected.
  • Even though it was originally called "Mercury Bubbles Blast" in the DiC English dub, this attack was renamed "Bubble Spray" in ADV's remastered DVD boxset and Viz Media's English dub.
  • In the DiC dubbed versions of episodes 72 and 73 this attack was mistakenly called "Mercury Ice Storm Blast". This was the name DiC used for Shine Aqua Illusion.
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