Meioh Setsuna (known as Trista Meioh in the english dub) is Sailor Pluto, and she guards the gates of time. We first see her in Sailor Moon R, where she watches over Chibi-Usa in the past. She has a very special relationship with Chibi-Usa. She keeps the Garnet Orb.

Setsuna is the oldest of the nine Sailor Senshi; in the R season, she is a college student while the others are still in grade school. Despite being the oldest, Sailor Pluto never assumes any type of official leadership role. Even among the Inner Senshi, she frequently defers to Uranus an
d Neptune.

Her name means 'Moment, Dead King'.


Sailor Pluto

Her sailor suit has a black collar, black skirt, dark red bows, black knee-high boots with white trim at the top, a black
choker, and a garnet-stoned tiara. In the manga, she wears a belt with keys.

During the Silver Millennium, she was Princess of the planet Pluto, and Soldier of Time and Revolution. She is one of the Outer Sailor Soldiers. She also has abilities to manipulate time but was forbidden to by Chronos, god of time. While guarding the gate of time, she had a special relationship with the future Princess of Crystal Tokyo, Small Lady Serenity, and gave her Luna-P, a ball that resembled Luna that can do magic and communicate with her. When the Messiah of Silence appeared, Pluto rejoined the Outer Soldiers in the present. Her role in the founding and operation of Crystal Tokyo is not given in any of the Sailor Moon continuity.


Using her planet transformation stick, Setsuna transforms into Sailor Pluto.


Dead Scream (Pluto Deadly Scream in the english dub): Her main attack. It is mainly an energy ball, but light purple. In the Japanese version, she whispers the name of the attack.

Time Stop: No words are actually said in this power, but Pluto stops time nonetheless.The only time she used this was when they got in a helicopter crash in Sailor Moon S to save Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune from the crash.

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