Setsuna Meiou
せつな 冥王

Setsuna Meiou - Anime

Setsuna Meiou Sailor Pluto Sailor Form - Anime

Setsuna Meiou Sailor Pluto Super Sailor Form - Anime

Japanese: 冥王 せつな
Romanji: Meiō Setsuna
Aliases: Sailor Pluto, Puu (by Chibiusa)
Residency: Door of Space and Time, Tokyo,Japan
School(s): Mugen Academy

Student, Sailor Guardian


Solar System Sailor Guardians


Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo

Birthdate: October 29th (♏)
Age: 19-20


Gender: Female
Species: Human
Blood Type: A
First Appearance
Anime: Death of Uranus and Neptune? Talismans Appear
Anime Voiced By: Chiyoko Kawashima (Japanese)
Sabrina Grdevich (DiC English dub)
Susan Aceron (CWi English dub)
Veronica Taylor (Viz Media English dub)

Setsuna Meiou is is the civilian identity and present-day incarnation of Sailor Pluto. 



Setsuna's name means "moment" or "momentary" while Meiou means "dark king."


Setsuna retains the same appearance as she did in her original manga depiction. She has a very long dark green hair with a green shine on front and dark red eyes. She has her hair tied in a small bun as the rest of her hair is loose and wears a red danggling earring

Her college uniform has her wearing a light violet long sleeve corporate jacket with a black trim, a white long sleeved collar shirt adorned with a small red bow on the front, light violet high-waist corporate skirt and black open-toed heels.

Her primary casual appearance in Sailor Stars is the same as her college uniform as the color is maroon and her skirt is replaced by slacks.

As Sailor Pluto, her Senshi form is predominately black (fuku, back bow, skirt, boots and choker) and has a red gem hanging loose on her choker. She also has a maroon front bow and a dark red brooch. Sailor Pluto mostly wields the Garnet Rod while in this form.


As Sailor Pluto, she guarded the Space-Time Door, and she originally could not leave her post, which left her very lonely. However, Neo Queen Serenity allowed her to leave her post to help the other Senshi of the Outer Solar System during the events of the S season, and she was reincarnated as an adult in the present time during the Death Busters arc, where she took on the identity of Setsuna Meiou, a K.O. University student studying physics.

Setsuna dreamed of being a designer one day. She was good friends with Chibiusa and Diana, and was also very close to Hotaru Tomoe after the end of the Death Busters crisis. Setsuna became part of an adoptive family with Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru when they took up residence together.


Sailor Pluto had been the guardian of the Door of Space-Time for millennia. With three taboos she must never break: She must never leave her post, she must not allow anyone to travel through time, and she must never use her powers to disrupt the flow of time in any way. Breaking the last taboo would mean the end of her life.

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon SuperS

Setsuna mostly appears in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie as Sailor Pluto, though she appears untransformed briefly.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Sailor Guardian Info





  • In the anime, Setsuna is the only Solar System Sailor Guardian to invent a civilian identity, rather than having one before becoming a Sailor Guardian. This differs from the manga, where she was reincarnated after dying from stopping time in the Black Moon arc, and lost her memories, like the other Sailor Guardians did at the start of the series.
  • In the original English dub, Setsuna was renamed "Trista". The name "Trista" is derived the Latin triste, meaning "sad", which fits Setsuna's personality.
  • In 1998, Irwin released a line of Sailor Guardians of the Outer Solar System dolls well before Sailor Moon S aired in North America. On the boxes of the Sailor Pluto dolls, she was given the civilian name "Celia."


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