Setsuna Meiou
Japanese: 冥王せつな
Romanji: Meiou Setsuna
Aliases: Puu, Sailor Pluto, Super Sailor Pluto, Princess Pluto
Residency: The Space-Time Door
Tokyo, Japan
School(s): Mugen Academy

University Student, Nurse, Sailor Guardian, Protector of the Space-Time Door


Solar System Sailor Guardians, King Endymion, Neo-Queen Serenity


Moon Kingdom and Crystal Tokyo

Age: 18-19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Musicals: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S ~ Transformation - The Road to Become the Super Sailor Guardian
Musicals Played By: Miwa Hosoki (1994)
Rei Saitou (1995-1998)
Yuki Kamiya (1998)
Seiko Nakazawa (1999)
Teruyo Watanabe (2000)
Yuuko Hosaka (2001-2004)
Yukiko Nakae (2004)
Miho Yokoi (2005)
Mikako Ishii (2014-2017)
Sailor moon pluto

Setsuna Meiou (冥王せつな, Meiou Setsuna) is the civilian identity and present-day incarnation of Sailor Pluto (セーラープルート, Seeraa Puuruuto).

Nomenclature & Etymology 


Setsuna: Even though her name is written in hiragana and is not inherent, Setsuna can mean "moment", relating to her powers over time, or "sorrow".

Meiou: The kanji for Mei means "dark" while the kanji for ou means "king", based on the Japanese name of the planet Pluto (冥王星 Meiohsei "Nether King Star", the given title of Pluto, the Roman god of the underworld).

Combined her name could be read as "Momentary Dark King" or "Sorrowful Dark King". 



In the Bandai musicals, Setsuna's hair was a rather blackish-purple instead of green like in the anime and manga, though it was green again the Nelke Planning musicals.

Sailor Guardian

In the Bandai musicals, Sailor Pluto's costume was significantly different from the anime and manga versions. The collar and top layer of her skirt were a dark shade of blue, and the underskirt was purple. Both layers of her skirt had silver trim, different from all the other Sailor Guardians (except for Saturn), although earlier versions had gold trim. Her bows, front and back, were black, as were her boots and tops of gloves. Her sailor collar did have stripes, unlike the anime and manga. Her hair was a purple-black color.

In the Nelke Planning musicals, her costume was more faithful to the manga and anime. Her skirts, glove fittings, boots, collar, and choker were black, while her bows were brown. Her sailor uniform had gold trim, and she wore a key-adorned chain at her waist. Her hair color was green just like the anime and manga.



In the musicals, Setsuna is much less serious and more playful, even referring to herself as the Madonna of the School Infirmary. She would make jokes with the Three Lights and Usagi, who in turn teased her relentlessly about her age; when Setsuna asked to join Usagi's amateur detective group, she was labeled as an old woman in disguise. Despite her teasing of the younger girls, she always encouraged them to do their homework and be strong Sailor Guardians In Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady and its revision, she was revealed to live a very lonely lifeguarding the Space-Time Door and valued Chibiusa's friendship. She also sympathized with Queen Beryl's love for Prince Endymion, comparing it to her love for King Endymion, and helped the Queen to escape from Sailor Galaxia's wrath. At one point, Usagi compared Setsuna to her mother.

In the two Sailor Moon musicals, Eien Densetsu and Shin Densetsu Kourin, there is a song called Dispute Between Women where the unrequited love that Sailor Pluto has for King Endymion is explicitly stated. The actors in those musicals also played up those unrequited feelings. The song compared her love to that of Queen Beryl, showing that she empathized with the Queen's plight.

Sailor Pluto's first appearance in the musicals was in Sailor Moon S - Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi, where she was only seen in silhouette, and the person portraying her was Sailor Jupiter's actress Kanoko, holding a Garnet Rod but wearing Sailor Jupiter's costume. Sailor Pluto appeared in person in the next musical, Sailor Moon S - Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi.

Sailor Guardian Info

In the musicals, Sailor Pluto showed to have the ability to manipulated time and open portals.


  • Sailor Crisis Power, Make Up
  • Pluto Crystal Power, Make Up



Setsuna Meiou

Sailor Pluto


  • Setsuna was the only one of the Sailor Guardians whose hair color was not the same as it was in the anime or manga.
  • In the musicals, Sailor Pluto had two image songs: Stay Alone and Forbidden Hades.
  • The first time she appeared as Sailor Pluto, she was portrayed by Sailor Jupiter's actress holding a Garnet Rod.
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