Setsuna Meiou is the human identity and civilian form of the newly reborn and much stronger Sailor Pluto in the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal. This the second animated depiction of manga-based character.


Season Three: Death Busters

Setsuna is a student at K.O. University in the twenty first century. She belongs to the science department fundamental physics section majoring in theoretical physics. She later meets Haruka and Michiru and becomes good friends with them; especially learning they are also Sailor Guardians who defend the kingdom of the Moon from outside invaders as she does. By calling out Pluto Planet Power, she transforms into her regular Sailor form of Sailor Pluto to fight enemies that threaten Earth of all timelines and realities.


Setsuna Meiou has knee-length dark green hair, a part of her hair tied into a single odango. She has reddish pink eyes. She wears reddish pink stud earrings and necklace with a reddish pink pendant.


Even when not transformed, she is still capable of using the great time/space-based powers of her Garnet Rod to defend herself and to see visions of imminent danger of future events; similar to Rei's psionic abilities.



Haruka, Michiru & Setsuna 1
Haruka, Michiru & Setsuna 2
Haruka, Michiru & Setsuna 3

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