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The "Sailor Moon Musicals" (セーラームーン・ミュージカル Seeraaa Muun Myuuikaru), commonly referred to as "SeraMyu" (セラミュー Seramyuu), is a series of live theatre productions based on Naoko Takeuchi's metaseries Sailor Moon. The series consists of 29 musicals that had more than 898 performances since the show opened in the summer of 1993. The producers generally follow and extrapolate plot concepts presented in the anime and manga; however, there are several original plot lines as well.

Bandai Musicals

The producers of the show have broken the musical series down into three stages ("stage" is a term widely used in the grouping of musicals). The "first stage" consisted of those in which Sailor Moon was portrayed by Anza Ooyama, the first and longest-running Sailor Moon actress. This stage ran parallel to the manga and anime, as reflected by the plot, and had nearly full graduation with all of the main actresses being replaced.

The second stage included three different Sailor Moon actresses, starting with a musical loosely based on Eien Densetsu with some changes and additions (Shin Densetsu Kourin), followed by the only fully original musical ("The Legend of Kaguya Island"), the semi-original "Last Dracul" series, and ending with a remake of the original "Final First Stage" musical "Eien Densetsu" (titled "Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin").

The third and final stage retained the last Sailor Moon actress and ran for only two musicals (Both remakes of "The Legend of Kaguya Island") and ended in January 2005.

Conversely, most Western fans break the stages down by the actresses who played Sailor Moon: Anza Ohyama, Fumina Hara, Miyuki Kanbe, and Marina Kuroki. The list below is divided up according to the official stages used by Sera Myu producers.

First Stage

Featuring Anza Ooyama as Sailor Moon:

Second Stage

Featuring Fumina Hara as Sailor Moon:

Featuring Miyuki Kanbe as Sailor Moon:

Featuring Marina Kuroki as Sailor Moon:

Third Stage

Continuing to feature Marina Kuroki as Sailor Moon:

Other Musicals

After the last Sera Myu musical was done, the musicals went on a hiatus. Then, 8 years later in 2013, Nelke Planning had continued doing the Sera Myu musicals. All 5 musicals were loosely based on the manga with some elements from the anime such as Sailor Venus disguising herself as Sailor Moon and Sailor Lead Crow and Aluminum Siren teaming up.

Some Fans unofficially call these musicals the 4th stage but most fans don't consider those musicals a 4th stage. The first 3 musicals included Satomi Okubo with a graduation of the actresses who played the Inner Sailor Guardians (La Reconquista, Petite Etrangere, Un Nouveau Voyage). In the final 2 musicals, Hotaru Nomoto played Sailor Moon and Nelke Planning had ended their Sera Myu run after Le Mouvement Final

Later in 2018, Nogizaka46 made a musical that was fully based on the Dark Kingdom arc with Mizuki Yamashita and Sayuri Inoue played Sailor Moon. Later in 2019, Shiori Kubo played Sailor Moon in a revised edition of the same said musical.

In 2018, Kanae Yumemiya, Natsuki Koga and Tomomi Kasai played Sailor Moon in The Super Live musical.

The list below consists of the following actresses playing Sailor Moon:

Satomi Okubo as Sailor Moon

Hotaru Nomoto as Sailor Moon

Mizuki Yamashita / Sayuri Inoue as Sailor Moon

Kanae Yumemiya / Natsuki Koga / Tomomi Kasai as Sailor Moon

Shiori Kubo as Sailor Moon

New Characters

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