The Senshi killed by the Shadow Galactica have very little information as to who they were prior to their deaths. What is known is that each one was killed by someone looking for favor from Sailor Galaxia, who took their power, causing the killer to become a Sailor Animamate. None of these Senshi were ever mentioned in the anime. 

Sailor Chuu

Sailor Chuu was a Sailor Senshi whose Sailor Crystal was taken by someone who would in effect become Sailor Iron Mouse.

Sailor Coronis

Sailor Lead Crow killed Sailor Coronis for her Sailor Crystal.

Sailor Mermaid

Sailor Mermaid was killed by Sailor Aluminum Seiren so that she could become a Sailor Senshi for Sailor Galaxia.

Sailor Mau

The Sailor Senshi of Artemis and Luna's home planet, Sailor Mau, was killed by Sailor Tin Nyanko for her Sailor Crystal.

Sailor Cocoon

Sailor Cocoon was killed by Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon so she could become a Sailor Senshi by taking the Sailor Crystal.

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