"Penetrating the darkness of night. The air of freedom breaks free. Sailor Star Fighter, Stage on!"
— Sailor Star Fighter's stock introduction

Sailor Star Fighter is the leader of the Sailor Starlights. Together with Sailor Star Maker and Sailor Star Healer she comes to Earth in order to find their princess. On Earth she disguises as Seiya Kou.


The relationship between Sailor Star Fighter and Princess Kakyuu is slightly ambiguous. In the manga, the princess had a lover who was killed by Galaxia. In the anime, it is implied Seiya's romantic feelings for Usagi may be a confusion with similar feelings for Kakyuu - when she daydreams of her home planet, she thinks lovingly of an image of her princess, which is suddenly superimposed by an image of Usagi (much as Usagi had seen Seiya's image overlaid by Mamoru in previous episodes).




  • Star Serious Laser - This was an offensive attack in which a laser beam struck the enemy and harmed them.


  • Sailor Star Fighter's sailor fuku was, like all the Sailor Starlights' fuku, very different from the ones worn by the Solar System Senshi. The Sailor Starlights' sailor fuku were two-piece outfits made up of a bikini-like top which had a winged star brooch in the center and a sailor collar attached, and hotpants. They all wore thigh-high boots and long gloves that went well above the elbow. They all wore beaded tiaras which had a five-pointed star in the center, and two beaded belts on their waist which appeared to be fastened by one single five-pointed star belt buckle. All the Starlights wore golden star earrings. Star Fighter's primary color was navy blue (black in the anime) and her secondary color was light blue. Sailor Star Fighter had a belt-like choker around her neck and a pair of belt-like arm stars on her upper arms.


  • In the manga, Sailor Star Fighter was female 100% of the time. She merely dressed as a man in her civilian form.
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