Sapphire (known as Blue Saphir in the Japanese and manga) is an alien from the Negamoon. He has blue hair, as his name implies, bright blue eyes, and a dark crescent moon on his forehead. He wears a dark blue coat/jacket with silver rods as decoration, white trousers, and what appear to be faintly purple plain suede boots or shoes, he also wears a pair of blue gloves. He is the younger brother of Prince Diamond.

In the anime

Sapphire doesn't fight at all in Sailor Moon R. He only follows out his elder brother's orders, Sapphire is the one who knows how to build or decrease the power output of their black crystal and he does so according to Diamond's wishes. He also suspects Wiseman of having evil intentions and silently watches him. He soon discovers that Wiseman is only using Prince Diamond and plans to kill him once he is done. He barely escapes and makes it to the past where Prizma lives. There he is reunited with Prizma, whom he was in love with. He attempts to warn his older brother about Wiseman, but even with the Sailor Scouts attempting to help him, he was killed with two energy blasts from Wiseman. Sapphire's head was bandaged by Prizma earlier, and when the bandage fell off, there was no dark crescent moon on his forehead.

Sapphire is the second evil henchman to turn good and then die. The first was Neflite, from Season 1. Diamond himself becomes the third, though Wiseman was attempting to kill Sailor Moon at the time.


Sapphire dies

Wiseman kills Sapphire

  • Sapphire is the second villain to turn good and then die. The first is Neflite.
  • Sapphire looks slightly similar to Darien.
  • In the Japanese version, he only addressed his brother (Diamond) as "oniisan" (which is "elder brother" in the Japanese language) but the fact that they were brothers was omitted for most of the span of the English dub of the show.

Voiced by Lyon Smith in the English dub.

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