Sailor Moon In The Netherlands
"Sailormoon - Het Meisje met de macht van de maannevel" (Sailormoon - The Girl with the Power of the Moon Nebula) is the Dutch dub of the Sailor Moon anime, which aired in the Netherlands, was based off of the German dub, most of the character names are lifted from the latter dub. The opening theme is translated from the German opening, Sag das Zauberwort, "Say The Magic Word". Only 52 episodes were released.


The Sailor Moon anime first began airing in The Netherlands in 2002 on Yorkiddin' in the Netherlands and Boemerang in Belgium. The Dutch title was Sailormoon - Het Meisje met de macht van de maannevel. The opening theme was Zeg het Toverwoord. It followed the German dub so it stayed close to the original anime with censorship in a few episodes.



Season 1 (Episode 1 to 26):

Episode # Episode Title
1. De Glans van Juwelen ("The Luster of Jewels")
2. De Waarzegster ("The Fortune Teller")
3. Het Geheime Programma ("The Secret Program")
4. De Afvalrace ("The Waste Race")
5. Het Nieuwe Huisdier ("The New Pet")
6. De Held van mijn Droom ("The Hero of My Dream")
7. Sterrenslag ("Starbrust")
8. Het Genie ("The Genius")
9. Geen Tijd ("No Time")
10. De Tempel der Verliefden ("The Temple of Lovers")
11. Droomprinses ("Dream Princess")
12. De Cruisetocht ("The Cruise Trip")
13. Drie tegen Jedyte ("Three Against Jadeite")
14. De tennis kampioenen ("The Tennis Champion")
15. Het Park ("The Park")
16. De Bruidsjurk ("The Bridal Dress")
17. Het Fotomodel ("The Photo Model")
18. Poppen Huilen Niet! ("Dolls Don't Cry!")
19. Liefdesbrieven ("Love Letters")
20. Het Spookhuis ("The Haunted House")
21. Op mijn Erewoord ("On My Honor")
22. Bunny's Eerste Kus / Het Gemaskerd Bal ("Bunny's First Kiss / The Masked Ball")
23. Naru's Eerste Liefde ("Naru's First Love")
24. Het Verraad ("The Betrayer")
25. De Vierde Sailor Strijdster ("The Fourth Sailor Guardian")
26. De Splinters van het Heilige Kristal ("The Splinters of the Holy Crystal")

NOTE: Episode 22 has two titles because in the Netherlands it aired as: "Bunny's eerste Kus" and in Belgium it sometimes aired as "Het Gemaskerd Bal"

Season 2 (Episode 27 to 52):

Episode # Episode in season # Episode Name
27. 1. De Nieuwe Beste van de Groep ("The New Best of the Group")
28. 2. Het Zelfportret ("The Self-Portrait")
29. 3. Iedereen valt op Motoki ("Everyone Falls in Love with Motoki")
30. 4. De Krankzinnige Opa ("The Insane Grandpa")
31. 5. Luna heeft het moeilijk ("Luna Is Having a Hard Time")
32. 6. Op de Kermis ("At the Fair")
33. 7. De Dubbelganger ("The Doppelganger")
34. 8. De Maanprinses ("The Moon Princess")
35. 9. De Vijfde Sailor Strijdster ("The Fifth Sailor Guardian")
36. 10. De Kapsalon ("The Hair Salon")
37. 11. De Engelse Gravin ("The English Countess")
38. 12. Bunny, de Skikoningin ("Bunny, the Ski Queen")
39. 13. De IJskoningin ("The Ice Queen")
40. 14. Het Geheimzinnige Meer ("The Mysterious Lake")
41. 15. Ryo's Waarschuwing ("Ryo's Warning")
42. 16. Liefdesproblemen ("Love Problems")
43. 17. De Val ("From Val")
44. 18. Op de Noordpool ("At The North Pole")
45. 19. Het Laatste Gevecht ("The Last Fight")
46. 20. Zware Verliezen ("Heavy Losses")
47. 21. Het Monster ("The Monster")
48. 22. Sailorstrijdsters Herenigd ("Sailor Guardians Reunited")
49. 23. De Ridder van het Maanlicht ("The Knight of the Moonlight")
50. 24. Spiegeltje, Spiegeltje aan de Wand ("Mirror, Mirror on the wall")
51. 25. Het Lentefeest ("The Spring Festival")
52. 26. Geloof in Jezelf ("Believe in Yourself")

Terms and Item Names

  • Sailor Guardians - Sailor Strijdsters (Sailor Guardians EN)
  • Silver Crystal - Het Heilige Zilveren Kristal (Maboroshi no Ginzuishou JP)

Transformations and Attacks

Original Dutch
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Macht van de Maannevel, verschijn ("Power of the Moon Nebula, Appear")
Moon Tiara Action Maansteen, spin en overwin ("Moonstone, Spin and Overcome")
Moon Healing Escalation Macht van de maan, verander hem / haar terug ("Power of the Moon, Change Him / Her Back")
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Macht Van Het Maan Kristal, verschijn ("Power of the Moon Crystal, Appear")
Moon Princess Halation Macht van de Maannevel, verander terug ("Power of the Moon Nebula, Change Back")
Mercury Power, Make Up Macht van de Mercuriusnevel, verschijn ("Power of the Mercury Nebula, Appear")
Shabon Spray Zeepbellen, overwin ("Soap Bubbles, Overcome")
Mars Power, Make Up Macht van de Marsnevel, verschijn ("Power of The Mars Nebula, Appear")
Fire Soul Vuurbal, overwin ("Fireball, Overcome")
Jupiter Power, Make Up Macht van de Jupiternevel, verschijn ("Power of The Jupiter Nebula, Appear")
Supreme Thunder Donderslag, overwin ("Thunderclap, Overcome")
Venus Power, Make Up Macht van de Venusnevel, verschijn ("Power of The Venus Nebula, Appear")
Crescent Beam Shower Sikkelstraal, overwin ("Sickle Ray, Overcome")

Voice Actors

Character(s) Actor
Sailor Moon / Bunny Tsukino / Prinses Serenity Marlies Somers
Sailor Mercurius / Ami Mizuno Marjolein Algera
Sailor Mars / Rei Hino Hymnke de Vries
Sailor Jupiter / Makoto Kino Laura Vlasblom (Episode 25 - 26)

Manon Ros (Episode 27 - 52)

Sailor Venus / Minako Aino Edna Kalb
Luna Sien Diels
Tuxedo Mask / Mamoru Chiba Ajolt Elsakkers
Jedyte Filip Bolluyt
Neflite Viggo Waas
Artemis and Kunzite Jan Nonhof
Kunzite Jan Nonhof (Episode 19 - 23)

Hein van Beem (27 - 52)

Naru Osaka Melise de Winter
Guro Umino Lex Passchier
Juffrouw Haruna and Zoisite Kiki Koster
Queen Metalia Lot Lohr (Episode 25)

Melise de Winter (Episode 35 - 46)

De ridder van het Maanlicht Ajolt Elsakkers (Episode 48 and 52)


  • The Dutch episodes were never released on DVD and only aired two times making it the rarest dub ever.
  • The Dutch dub was broadcasted in The Netherlands and Belgium. However, only the first 26 episodes were aired in Belgium.
  • Despite airing 52 episodes, Wim Pel said that they were supposed to air the first three seasons (126 out of the 199 episodes) in the Netherlands.
  • Might be a possibility that they first decided to dub from the english DiC version on the website of yorkiddin they announced the show with the name Serena and in the first announcement when Episode 1 was first aired there was a announcement of the new show and the woman who announced the series called Usagi, Serena as well.





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