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Sailor moon venus
Sailor Venus is the Senshi identity of Minako Aino. This is the first live-action depiction of the orginal manga character.



Sailor Venus' appearance is similar to her manga and anime appearances.

In older musicals, her shoulder pads were orange (sometimes purple or dark blue) and her glove rims were purple or dark blue. All senshi in older musicals had their own colour as shoulder pads and their bow colour as glove rings.

Sailor Venus, like all Sera Myu senshi has gold trimmings on her bows, shoulder pads, gloves, skirt, belt, fuku and collar.



Transformation Phrases



  • In the first two or three musicals, Sailor Venus's bows were purple instead of navy blue and yellow.
    • Also, when Nao started playing her, the borders of her gloves changed from navy blue to orange.


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