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Sailor moon venus
Sailor Venus is one of the five Inner Senshi, and was the first Sailor Senshi introduced in the series. Her civilian identity is Minako Aino. Her attacks and powers are based around light and love, as well as attacks with weapons. This is the second live-action depiction of the original manga character.



Sailor V in PGSM has the same appearance as the manga and anime version.

Venus obtains her original look, like Sailor V. Unlike in the anime, but like the manga, Sailor Venus has chains around her waist for her Venus Love-Me Chain attack. Like the other Senshi, her hair changes color when transforming (from brown to blonde).


Before Usagi Became Sailor Moon, Minako Aino was the first to awaken as a Sailor Senshi. She met Artemis on Christmas Eve when he fell from the Sky. She first mistakened him for a robot and then a bird. Then Artemis hears sirens. A robbery has happened. Later he uses a TeletiaS to Tranform Minako into the Guardian who Fights for justice, Sailor V. Sailor V encoutered the robber later when he thought he finally got away from the store. As Sailor V, Minako fought against crimes that happened in the city. Later in Act 12, she freed Sailors' Moon, Mercury and Mars from the vines by using her Crescent Boomerang. Then She jumps to where the 3 Sailor Senshi and Nephrite were. Then she takes off her mask and is transformed from Sailor V into her true identity: Princess Sailor Venus. Later, Artemis presented her as the heir to the Moon Kingdom and inheritor to the Silver Crystal. In this guise she appeared in her Sailor Venus fuku, a chain around her waist, a silver tiara on her head, and a crescent moon on her forehead. In Act 17, Minako tries to save Sailor Mars from a youma but Artemis tried to stop her twice. Finally Minako told the youma to stop. Sailor Mars tells her to run away because she wasn't safe. But she doesn't. By saying "Venus Power, Make Up," Minako Transforms into Sailor Venus.

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  • She is the only Senshi in the PGSM continuity to die. Apart from Risa Hino she is also the only Sailor Moon character to die from illness.
  • She and Sailor Jupiter are the only Senshi in PGSM to obtain chains around their waists.


Sailor Venus PGSM
Sailor V on the DVD cover for Act ZERO.
Sailor V PGSM
Minako and Sailor Venus PGSM 2004 Calendar
Sailor Venus on the 2004 PGSM Calendar

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