Sailor Venus' Past! Minako's Tragic Love
Seeraa Viinasu no Kako, Minako no Hiren

1, Sailor Moon

Air date

January 30, 1993


Sukehiro Tomita


Takuya Igarashi




I Won't Run Away From Love Anymore! Ami and Mamoru's Showdown


Is Usagi Going it Alone? The Sailor Senshi Get Into a Big Fight


“Shadow in the House”

Air date

December 6, 2014


Tuxedo Unmasked (DiC)
I Won't Run Away from Love Anymore: Ami vs. Mamoru (Viz)


Fractious Friends (DiC)
Usagi Abandoned: The Falling-Out of the Sailor Guardians (Viz)

"Sailor Venus' Past! Minako's Tragic Love" is the 42nd episode of season one of Sailor Moon, and the 42nd of the overall series. It first aired in Japan on January 30, 1993. It was never dubbed by DiC, but it is in the Viz dub.


Kunzite probes Sailor V's connection with the Sailor Senshi by targeting Katarina, an old acquaintance of Minako's.


Ami, Rei, and Makoto were using the computer to find an entrance to the Dark Kingdom. But they weren't very successful. Then Usagi and Luna came back. They said that they hadn't found anything either. Usagi sat down and complained that she was tired and hungry. Luna mentioned that Usagi had just eaten a lot at the odango store. But Usagi said that two anmitsu and three plates of odango were not enough for her. Then Minako and Artemis came back. They didn't have any luck either. They were all going to call it a night when something suddenly appeared on Ami's computer screen. It was caused by the increase in sun spot activity. Artemis said that it was just like before, when the kingdom of the moon was destroyed many, many years ago.

At the Dark Kingdom, Queen Metalia was going to revive soon. Kunzite told Queen Beryl that he would get the Silver Crystal soon. He had some information on someone who knew Sailor V. They thought that Sailor V had something to do with the Sailor Senshi.

In the middle of the night Usagi woke up. She had a bad dream about Mamoru again. Usagi then got up and started eating some manju (Japanese candy), while looking out the window. Then Artemis came in through the window and knocked Usagi down. Usagi started choking on the candy. Artemis told Luna that Minako had disappeared after getting a call from someone called Katarina. He said that Minako would not have gone after the Dark Kingdom by herself.

Minako was with an older woman in a hotel room. Katarina knew that Minako was Sailor V, but she had thought that Minako had died. Katarina said that she wanted to work with Sailor V again. She asked if Minako knew the Sailor Senshi. But Minako was feeling very sad and asked about Alan. Katarina said that Alan was fine. Katarina asked again if she could help out with the Sailor Senshi. But Minako said that she didn't want to get Katarina involved, and ran out of the room.

Before Katarina could go after her, Kunzite appeared. Kunzite turned Katarina into a Youma named Papillon. He told the Youma to go after Minako. Minako was sitting by herself on a bench by the ocean, thinking about Alan. Then Papillon came and attacked her. Minako jumped away to avoid the attack. Then Minako turned into Sailor Venus. They fought, but the crescent beam had no effect on Papillon. Sailor Venus then realized the Youma was actually Katrina.

Then Artemis, Luna, and Usagi appeared. Usagi said, "What should I do, that youma looks strong." Luna said that they should escape in a boat. But Usagi didn't know how to drive a boat. So she transformed herself into a cute sailor girl. Then they all escaped in the boat. But the youma followed them. Usagi increased the speed, and lost the youma. Then they spotted a large luxury cruise ship and went to hide in it. They found that there was nobody else on the ship. Luna asked Sailor Venus about Katarina. Usagi said that maybe she didn't want to talk about it. But Sailor Venus explained.

A half year ago, Minako was in London and fell in love with an older boy called Alan. One day, she ran into a criminal who took a little girl hostage. Then the criminal turned into a youma, and the police woman Katarina was going after him. Sailor V appeared and defeated the youma. Sailor V and Katarina became very good friends. Katarina was like Minako's older sister. They played together, and Minako even introduced Alan. But one say Sailor V got caught in an explosion. Katarina thought that Minako had died. But actually Minako escaped. Then Minako saw Alan and Katarina together. So Minako left quietly to leave Katarina and Alan alone.

After hearing the story, Usagi was very saddened and started crying. Then the youma appeared. Usagi said, "I'm not in a good mood now. You might get hurt!" Then Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. "I don't care if you find out my identity. For love and justice, I'm the beautiful fighter Sailor Moon. I will punish you for the moon!" Sailor Moon also said, "I'm not going to escape today. I won't let you get away with it." Then Sailor Moon used her moon tiara action. The youma got hit, and the pendant that she was wearing fell off. Sailor Venus picked up the pendant. It was the one that Minako had given to Katarina on her birthday.

Sailor Venus begs Sailor Moon to help save Katarina, but she refuses and believes she should be destroyed. She says that because she stole Alan away from her, Katarina deserves to pay for breaking her heart. Sailor Venus tells Sailor Moon that she's wrong and Katarina is the woman he loves. She also explains that the Dark Kingdom is only using her because they found out her identity as Sailor V and Katarina wasn't at fault. Sailor Moon is finally convinced to save her by healing her from her youma form. Minako and Katarina reconcile.

Later the ship with Katarina was leaving. Minako was staring out by herself. The other girls were staying back watching her and ask if they should help her. Usagi refuses and tells them that they should just leave Minako alone. When asked why by Makoto, she replies that their friend is more mature than they are and have experienced heartbreak. Minako said, "This is all right. The one Alan chose was Katarina. I want them to be happy."


Changes From the Manga

  • In the Codename: Sailor V manga, Minako never went to England. She only visited two countries: Greece (for a vacation, but ended up having to fight an enemy) and China (which was important).
  • Minako did make friends with a female police officer, but it was Natsuna Sakurada, and she was Japanese.

Dub Changes

  • This episode didn't make the DiC English dub possibly due to the usage of real weapons (in this case a hand grenade) or due to the mature theme about a love triangle. Another possibility is when the Sailor Guardians find out that the black spots are covering the sun from the Dark Kingdom. Other dubs, however, kept it (i.e, the Latin-American Spanish one showed it without problems)

First Appearances


  • This is the only episode that was cut from the English dub with the use of the disguise pen not including the musician with green hair.
  • This was the fourth of six episodes to be completely cut from the DiC English dub, but was kept in the new Viz dub.


Makoto, Ami and Rei seeing investigating on the computer.
Sailor Venus trapped by Papillion
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