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Sailor Titanuim Kerokko
Seera chitan Kerokko
Japanese: セーラーチタンケロッコ
Romanji: Seera chitan Kerokko
Aliases: Sailor Mitis Kerokko (セーラーチタンケロッコ
Seera mito kerokko)

Sailor Animamate


Sailor Animamates, Sailor Galaxia


Shadow Galactica

Gender: Female
Species: Humanoid
First Appearance
Musicals: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

sera myu actor = Haruko Yamaguchi
Megumi Wakamatsu


Sailor Titanium Kerokko is an additional member of the Sailor Animamates in the Sailor Moon musicals.


Her entire sailor uniform is green, with a black collar, green skirt, green choker with two back circles combined attached to it, a froghead like top, black gloves with Galactica bracelets and green and black boots with frog egg designs on them.



She aids Sailor Tin Nyanko and Sailor Pewter Fox in Galactica Twister. She also aids in Sailor Galactica Attack. She also performs the attack Dark Power on her own.



  • Her name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for a frog's croak.

Shadow Galactica
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