Template:InfoboxCharacter Sailor Tin Nyanko (sometimes dubbed as Sailor Tin Cat or Sailor Mau *real form*) was the 4th and final Sailor Animamate. She is the only Sailor Animamate who is a true Senshi.


Like the others, she went under the pretense of a Ginga TV agent. She set out eliminate her rivals in order to be on top. Because of this goal and her associated involvement in Seiren's death, she and Sailor Lead Crow were constantly at odds with each other during the short time they were together. Each Animamate went to great lengths to foil the other, ultimately resulting in Lead Crow's death.

Finally in the spotlight, she did not start out very well. After being attacked by Sailor Moon's Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, she was partially healed as one of her bracelets broke. This meant that half her mind was her former good self and the other still under control. As she was unable to stop fighting with herself, Galaxia kills her.


  • Bracelets - Sailor Tin Nyanko could fire blasts from her bracelets that would remove a person's Star Seed.
  • Cat Paw Gun - Sailor Tin Nyanko carried a gun shaped like a cat's paw which could fire blasts of energy at a target.


Nyanko Suzu arrived at Juuban High, claiming to be an exchange student from Libya. She immediately hung
Tin Nyako's bracler removed

Tin Nyanko's braclets gets removed

around Usagi to the point of stalking her, trying to learn everything about her. Fortunately for Usagi, not everyone was fooled by the "new student" - the Sailor Starlights, Luna, and Artemis sensed she was an alien. The revealed Sailor Tin Nyanko fought with Luna and Artemis and it turned out that Tin Nyanko, Luna, and Artemis are all from the same planet, Mau, a fact that is later
File:Sailor Tin Nyanko manga.jpg
reaffirmed in the same act by Kou Yaten. After Luna and Artemis accused Tin Nyanko of the murder of Sailor Mau, Tin Nyanko responded with her own accusations of treason, saying that Luna and Artemis had abandoned the Mau homeworld to help Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mau had died because of traitors like them.

After reaffirming her vow to become a real Sailor Senshi, Tin Nyanko redoubled her attack and hit Diana, who came back to the past to try to stop the fighting. Diana's moon sign was erased and she was turned into a "normal" cat, unable to speak. The same ultimately happened to Luna and Artemis, despite Sailor Moon's attempts to save them. Before Tin Nyanko could attack Sailor Moon, however, Sailor Star Fighter attacked Tin Nyanko, and she was forced to retreat.

When she goes to beg for forgiveness, she is killed by Galaxia.


  • Galactica Puppet - Sailor Tin Nyanko's signature attack, in which she fired what looked like a blast of electricity at her enemies.


Sailor Tin Nyanko's name in disguise was Nyanko Suzu. She used the form to follow Usagi, and get her Star Seed
Nyanko Suzu

Tin Nyanko as Nyanko Suzu

because her life was in danger. That happened because of her failure of not capturing Sailor Moon's Star Seed in the right time. However the plan seemed to work when she attacked Usagi, but then Usagi transformed in Sailor Moon and performed "Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss" on her making one of her Bracelets go and leave her with one, and her real outfit changed into two different colors, Black and White. Because of those two colors she was half evil and half good, making her tell Galaxia she was going to get the Star Seed, but in the other side telling the Sailor Senshi, Galaxia's weaknesses, however she then got killed by Galaxia.


In the anime, she is portrayed as disrespectful and cruel, as well as ambitious to get to the top position in her organization. When Tin Nyanko was hit by Eternal Sailor Moon's attack, she was partially healed and her former self, Sailor Mau resurfaced, wanting to help the senshi.


  • Nyanko means cat, or kitten, Suzu means "little bells" which her name translated would be Little Bells Kitten.
  • She only created one Phage.
  • She is the only Sailor Animamate to have a disguise in both the manga and anime
  • She is the only Sailor Animamate to be killed by Sailor Galaxia in both manga and anime.

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