Sailor Tin Nyanko
Japanese: セーラー・ティン・にゃんこ
Romanji: Sērā Tin Nyanko
Aliases: Nyanko Suzu
(鈴にゃんこ, Suzu Nyanko)

Sailor Animamate


Sailor Galaxia


Shadow Galactica


4'11" - 5'0"

Gender: Female
Species: Mau Humanoid
First Appearance
Manga: Act 53 - Stars 4

Sailor Tin Nyanko was the fourth Sailor Animamate to be introduced in the manga.

Nomenclature & Etymology

Nyanko means cat, or kitten (nyan is the Japanese equivalent of meow and ko means small). Her surname, Suzu, means "little bells", which means that her disguise name would be translated as "Little Bells Kitten."



Sailor Tin Nyanko wears a black top with a matching skirt, gloves, collar, bow, hat and boots. She has clear golden eyes, light skin and a black cat tail. Her headpiece has three rows of golden balls with a golden star on her forehead, her right cat ear has a silver hoop through it and there are two plaits coming out of the tops of her cat ears. Her gloves and top are lined with red and she has a matching red choker, the choker and top are lined with little golden balls. Her bow and choker both have bells on them and her boots go all the way up to her skirt with straps over the exposed skin. She, like all the Animamates, has Galactica bracelets.


Stars arc

Nyanko Suzu arrives at Juuban High, claiming to be an exchange student from Libya. She immediately hung around Usagi to the point of stalking her, trying to learn everything about her. Fortunately for Usagi, not everyone was fooled by the "new student" - the Sailor Starlights, Luna, and Artemis sensed she was an alien.

The revealed when Sailor Tin Nyanko fought with Luna and Artemis,it turned out that Tin Nyanko, Luna, and Artemis are all from the same planet, Mau, a fact that is later reaffirmed in the same act by Kou Yaten. After Luna and Artemis accused Tin Nyanko of the murder of Sailor Mau, Tin Nyanko responded with her own accusations of treason, saying that Luna and Artemis had abandoned the Mau homeworld to help Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mau had died because of traitors like them.

After reaffirming her vow to become a real Sailor Senshi, Tin Nyanko redoubled her attack and hit Diana, who came back to the past to try to stop the fighting. Diana's moon sign was erased and she was turned into a "normal" cat, unable to speak. The same ultimately happened to Luna and Artemis, despite Sailor Moon's attempts to save them. Before Tin Nyanko could attack Sailor Moon, however, Sailor Star Fighter attacked Tin Nyanko, and she was forced to retreat.

When she goes to beg for forgiveness, she is killed by Galaxia.

Senshi Info





  • She is the only Sailor Animamate to both be killed by Sailor Galaxia and have a civilian disguise in both the manga and anime.
  • According to the Materials Collection, Sailor Tin Nyanko was the same height as Sailor Moon.
    • In the Polish translation of the manga, her name was mistakenly translated as "Sailor Teen Nyanko."


Shadow Galactica
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