Sailor Theta
Japanese: セーラーΘ
Romanji: Seeraa Shiita
Aliases: Shadow Bug
Residency: Unknown

Sailor Senshi of the Shadow Galactica


Sailor Phi, Sailor Chi, Sailor Galaxia


Shadow Galactica

Gender: Female
Species: Humanoid
First Appearance
Musicals: Pretty Solider Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Musicals Played By: Ado Endou (1996-1998)
Azusa Katagiri (1998)

Sailor Theta is a Sailor Senshi that appeared exclusively in several of the Sailor Moon musicals. She is a servant of Galaxia, always seen accompanying Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi and, like them, is named after a Greek letter (Theta, written Θ). The three of them are referred to as the Galactica Troops.



Depending on the musical, Theta disguises herself as a student or a backup dancer for the f as a student o in order to observe the Sailor Senshi and eventually attacks them with her partners. Theta does not have an individual attack, instead only shouting individual attack, instead onl, and ting [[Sailor G alongside Phi and Chi. In Galactica Cry alongside Phi two members of the Galactica Troops use ' two members of the Gand tica Troops use . Theta is eventually killed by Galaxia herself, along with Phi and Chi, for being too weak.

Like the other musical-exclusive characters, nothing of her origin is revealed. The three of them have more than one uniform, dependent on the musical. She did not appear in the 12th musical, which was also based on the Sailor Stars series - she and the others were replaced instead by the Shitennou.

In Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, Sailor Theta used the alias of Shadow Bug while working under MC Fly. However, in its revised edition, she was simply called Sailor Theta, who (along with Phi and Chi) disguised herself as a backup dancer for the Three Lights while on Earth.





Shadow Galactica
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