Sailor Teleport
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Sailor Guardians

"Sailor Teleport" is a group command performed by Sailor Moon and the four Inner Sailor Senshi as they stand in a circle with their hands joined. This command allows the group to transport instantly to their desired destination, whether it be on the Earth's surface or in Outer Space itself. The distance that can be traveled with this command is unknown, as the farthest the Sailor Senshi ever travels in the series is to the moon.



In Sailor Moon R: The Movie, they teleport across part of the distance to Fiore's asteroid and fly the rest of the way, rather than instantly appearing at their destination, but the reason for this is never explained. One extra person can teleport with the Sailor Senshi if they are standing in the center of the circle formed by the Sailor Guardians.

Although this ability could be achieved with Sailor Moon present, the four Super Sailor Guardians of the Inner System had managed to use it along with the Outer Super Sailor Guardians; as seen in Season 5 when they teleported to go after Usagi and find Nehellenia's castle of nightmares.




  • In Sailor Moon Crystal, each one of the Sailor Guardians possesses this ability; capable of teleporting over long distances in a flash of light (according to their signature color). Also, one can hover/levitate off the ground.
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