Sailor Star Yell
Japanese: セーラー·スター·エール
Romanji: Seeraa Sutaa Eeru
User(s): The Sailor Starlights
Used For: Attacking and destroying enemies
Attacks: Star Serious Laser
Star Gentle Uterus
Star Sensitive Inferno (on occasion)
First Appearance
Anime: Friend or Foe? Starlights and the Sailor Guardians

The "Sailor Star Yell" is a magical item exclusive to the anime, used by the Sailor Starlights.

Each of the three possessed one, which were identical in appearance, and are used for performing different attacks. The Sailor Starlights at first performed their attacks without using the Sailor Star Yell, although as the fifth and final season progressed, they were relied on more often for this purpose. As the original anime gives no background for these items, their exact role is unknown, though the intensity of the attacks were increased when the Yell was used.

In episode 199, Sailor Galaxia destroyed Sailor Star Fighter's Sailor Star Yell by crushing it with her foot.


  • The gemstones on the Sailor Star Yell represent all the five Inner Sailor Guardians in counter-clockwise order. However, it is unknown how the colors that represent the Inner Sailor Guardians appear on the weapons of the Starlights who come from a completely different star system.
  • Since the background for these items is unknown, many fans speculate that the Sailor Star Yell was created just for the toy companies to manufacture another toy for the Sailor Moon franchise.


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