Sailor Star Tambourine





Sailor Star Tambourines

Romanji: Seeraa Sutaa Tanbarin
User(s): Inner Sailor Guardians
Used For: Attacking enemies
Attacks: Jupiter Thunderbolt
Mercury Aqua Storm
Moonlight Attractive Attack
Sailor Planet Attack (group attacks)
First Appearance
Live Action: Act 26 - Usagi is the Real Princess!

The "Sailor Star Tambourines" are weapons exclusive to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon that are given to the Inner Sailor Guardians by Artemis.


The Sailor Senshi use them to focus their powers and make their attacks stronger, as well as to perform special group attacks. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury both have unique attacks associated with their tambourines, Jupiter Thunderbolt, and Mercury Aqua Storm, respectively. It can be assumed that the other Sailor Senshi have attacks such as these as well, but they never make explicit appearances.

The Sailor Senshi can also transform their tambourines into weapons. Sailor Mercury can create a sword, Sailor Jupiter can create a spear, and Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus can create a pair of daggers.

The Sailor Senshi can also send star-shaped energy at enemies, though this attack was never named. The colors of the stars are the same as the dominant theme color for each of the respective Senshi.


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