Sailor Star Maker is one of the three Sailor Starlights. Her civilian identity is Taiki Kou. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.



Sailor Star Maker is the tallest of the Sailor Starlights. She has long brown hair tied into a ponytail, identical to the other Starlights. She has brown eyes.

Her sailor fuku, identical to the other Starlights, is a navy-blue two-piece outfit, consisting of a bikini-like top and hotpants. She wore knee-length boots and elbow-length gloves. She wore a golden beaded tiara, beaded belts on her waist and golden star earrings. Her secondary colour was violet. She also wore three studded violet chokers and a pair of arm protectors on her upper arms.


Stars Arc

Sailor Star Maker, along with Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Star Healer, first appear at the end of Act 50, right after Sailor Iron Mouse dies. Towards the end of Act 51, she along with Fighter destroys Sailor Aluminum Seiren through a combination of their attacks. The three introduce themselves as Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Healer: the Sailor Starlights.

All three of them has been a constant source of help for Sailor Moon whenever she was close to defeat. They, along with Princess Kakyuu, went with Eternal Sailor Moon to Sagittarius Zero Star. However, once they reach their destination, they reach a desert with a mysterious cloaked figure on a boat on the sand. Once they enter the boat, the desert turns to water and all of them drown. The figure, revealed to be Sailor Lethe, prepares to kill Eternal Sailor Moon when she and Mnemosyne are destroyed by Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi. Both of them absorb the Sailor Crystals from the still unconscious Sailor Starlights, resulting in their death.






Naoko Takeuchi originally designed Maker and the other Starlights without their ponytails, but they were later added after she came to know that short-haired dolls were difficult to make.



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