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"Protected by Saturn, the planet of ruin. I am the Guardian of Silence, Sailor Saturn."
— Sailor Saturn's introduction
Sailor moon saturn
Sailor Saturn is the alter ego and Sailor Senshi identity of Hotaru Tomoe, her reincarnation. This is the first live action depiction of the original manga character.



Sailor Saturn's sailor fuku in the musicals was essentially faithful to her original appearance in the manga and anime. Her front and back bows were black, as were the tops of her gloves. Her skirt had two layers, with the top being dark purple and the lower grey. The brooch in the center of her front bow was silver and crystalline in shape, but with a green gem in the center and four gold "compass" points. The trim on her sleeves and skirts was silver, while the trim and stripe on her collar, bows, gloves, choker, and torso were gold.


In the song "To a Brand-New World," Sailor Saturn claimed to be "Saturn of destruction, Saturn of life"; in the musical Sailor Moon SuperS - (Kaiteiban) Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni... Saturn Fukkatsu Hen, she used her powers of rebirth to return Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Senshi to life after they were killed, which was never a power shown in other versions of the series.



Keiko Saturn
Keiko Takeda as Sailor Saturn
Chihiro Saturn
Imai Chihiro as Sailor Saturn
Asami Saturn
Asami Sanpei as Sailor Saturn
Mao Saturn
Mao Mita as Sailor Saturn
Mario Saturn
Mario Tomioka as Sailor Saturn
Ayami Saturn
Ayami Kakiuchi as Sailor Saturn
Ruria Saturn
Ruria Nakamura as Sailor Saturn
Yui Saturn
Yui Iizuka as Sailor Saturn
Eriko Saturn
Eriko Funakoshi as Sailor Saturn
Ssaturn sera 1
Karin saturn half body
Karin Takahashi as Sailor Saturn
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